If The Buhari Administration Successfully Removes Petrol Subsidy, That Would Be His Greatest Legacy


Ask not what your counntry can Do For you, ask what you can do for your country” by John F Kenedy.

Everyday Nigerians yearns for a better country where citizens would not just eat three square meals a day but also with chicken and some fine wines.

I really can’t boast of what the past have left us but I want a country where my children would be proud of the sacrifices my generation had made, if you want a better country and a better future there MUST be a price to it.

Petrol Subsidy Removal is the first step to getting it right in Nigeria, Note, any aspiring politician in Nigeria MUST borrow Buhari’s left ear which he don’t like to hear with otherwise you would lose focus soon enough.

Nothing had escalated corruption in the Nigerian history more than Petrol subsidy becuase by that every Nigerian became corrupt, virtually everyone is stealing from the treasury for every litre of petrol.

You might think that the biggest corrupt practices in Nigeria is the crooked allocation of oil wells but the biggest dollars are signed off through this subsidy, and subsidy did not just harm the petrochemical industries it harmed virtually everything.

Petrol Barron are crooks who would suply any amount of gasoline becuase the pay is directly from the national purse and Nigerians over use things that are dependent on petroleum because they don’t understand how much they burn from the national purse each time that generator set is powered up.

Nigeria does not refine our crude oil part of the reason is because big petrol importers sabotage efforts to get our refineries working, what about electricity generation this same crazy affordability of petrol had equipped every home with generator set and people don’t bother to put pressure on the government to generate more electricity apart from that, the same big conglomerate sabotage these efforts.

Now I know that Nigeria is a very crazy and densely corrupt country, but the reality is that everyone wants to be corrupt in this country, in fact everyone is corrupt, you can’t be pointing fingers at the bigger fish when you want to steal over #200 from every litre of petrol you buy, if you look at it very well you figure out that in a month, an average Nigerian could have stolen more than #2000 from the country.

Don’t even come here shouting how there is no job, really we export crude oil quite alright, then corrupt politicians and other chiefs would steal then we little people at the bottom steal then tell me how much would be left of our forex to achieve any meaningful thing.

Abroad remittances had been very significant becuase unlike us who stays here, abroad people don’t steal from the country, yet they send back some money.

Irrespective of whatsoever reason I give, Nigerians would still prefer that subsidy stays but it is nothing but exhibition of an inherent corruption and unless the subsidy is removed when next you count list of corrupt Nigerians do remember to count yourself, we can’t eat our cake and have it back subsidy is either removed today or we pay massive loans tomorrow.

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