US-based Show Promoter Accuses Burna Boy’s Manager Mum Of N28Million Theft, Fraud


US-based show promoter, Emmanuel Chinyere Uzoh has accused Nigerian Grammy Award winner, Burna Boy and his mother, Bose Ogulu of extortion, fraud and theft.

Uzoh, who is the CEO of Gold Moola Entertainment, accused the singer of refusing to perform at a show despite being paid in full.

Burna Boy

Stating the allegations on his company’s Instagram handle on Tuesday, Uzoh also accused Ogulu, Burna Boy’s mother and manager, of attempting to extort $10,000 (about N6 million at black market rate of N573 to $1) from him.

He said Ogulu insisted that he had to pay an additional $10,000 before Burna Boy could come downstairs to perform, after he had already been paid.

He wrote, “Bose Ogulu attempted to extort me of $10,000. After the agreed sum was paid in full, she proceeded to ask for an additional $10,000.

“After the balance was paid in full, he posted and confirmed his attendance. That’s when Bose told me that I had to pay another $10k before he comes downstairs.

“I realized that I was being extorted. At that point, I no longer wanted to move forward with the deal. This was around 1:10 am. He was set to arrive at the club at 12:45 am. Once I requested a refund of the $15,000 (about N9 million) that was paid that night, (The deposit was paid on October 7th in Los Angeles) that was when he posted this cancelled flyer.

“When I realised what was happening, I decided to pull from the show completely. I asked for the $15k balance that was paid on the night and they refused to return the money.

“After hours of negotiations in the hotel lobby, the entire team snuck out of the hotel through the back exit to avoid us.”

Uzoh vowed to take up the matter legally, saying his only demand is for Burna Boy and his mother to refund the money he had paid to them.

He continued, “These are just the primary details of what happened on the 31st of October in Houston, Texas. Because I didn’t fall for the demands of extortion, I was robbed of over $50,000 (about N28 million) and my name was left to be slandered in the city I love. We will allow the law to finish what they started. I pride myself on being a stand-up guy, especially in the entertainment industry.

“My only demand at this point is a refund. You were paid for a service that you didn’t complete. Be a stand-up guy and kindly return my money @burnaboygram.”