Nnamdi Kanu: The Dream I Had Last Night.


The following is the dream I had last Night concerning the case of the leader of IPOB.

I put this down for two reasons: so that authorities do what ever is necessary to avoid what is coming and to plead with people everywhere to give peace a chance.

Below are the highlights of the dream:

Nnamdi Kanu was not brought to court: At the resumed hearing of Kanu’s case, the FG failed again to bring him to court.

What happened later: Igbos as a nation got infuriated. IPOB was badly angered.
Igbos worldwide staged a massive protest in in over 200 nations of the world and this was carried by all major news outlets CNN, BBC, AL JAZIRA, CFI etc.

Over one million youths openly subscribed for IPoB in the East and what followed later was not palatable.

After one week of silence in that dream, IPOB began deadly offensive in the East. Every government instutions were attacked in broad day light. The Nigerian military was engaged in an all open battle.


The issue of BIAFRA became a front burner in the international community.

IPOB refused to be placated. They were dieing but maintained the tempo of the offensive. There were casualties on both sides.

ipob was emboldened by the NO FLY ZONE STATUS of South East.

To my greatest surprise, some African countries, about 8 of them called for a referendum to be conducted to determine the fate of BIAFRA.

Some of the countries that clearly and unequivocally called for that referendum was South Africa, South Sudan, Ghana, Liberia, and Mali

Nations began to speak and ask the UN to do the needful.

Bending to pressure, UN called for a Referendum, initially, in the 5 states of South East. Ipob rejected that and to support Ipob, the indigenous igbo staged a massive protest stating that they MUST join their kits and kin in the mainstream South East.

This is where the story changed.

I was shocked when igbos in every part of Nigeria came back to vote in support of BIAFRA. IT was massive. At the end, BIAFRA WAS granted full autonomy and political sovereignty having secured 97% in the referendum.

Some current governors ran away from Biafra with their families.

While efforts were being made by Biafrans to honour all those that paid the supreme price for the actualisation of Biafra. I woke up and it was already 5.45am.

Those who have the capacity to stop this impending crises should do so. My dreams always come true.

A word is enough for the wise.