Justice Mary Odili And The Marcaba Dance On 17 Oil Wells Belonging To Imo State


Indigenes of the oil communities in Imo State have registered their displeasure over the recent interim order by the Supreme Court restraining the Federal Government of Nigeria from returning the 17 oil wells cedded to the Rivers State back to Imo State Government.

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Their displeasure was heightened on realizing that the said justice Mary odili is from mbaise in Imo state but married to the Odin’s in River state and led the squad of questionable character of justices who granted the infamous ex- past order against against the federal government in such a contentious matter without recourse to elementary judicial principle of fair hearing, thus stalling the administrative process of returning the 17 oil wells and areas of income generated by these olu wells from 5he being created to Imo state government which expectedly will cescade to infrastructural and social development of the oil communities.

Further inquiries were made by the angry youth of the communities who made public their findings to the effect that the said justice Mary odili was employed in the Nigerian judiciary with slot from Imo state as an indegene and take the biblical Judas iscariot and sold the future of Imo state for a Porrage of yam and shackles from the tongue wagging government of River state NYESOM WIKE. Consideration for the peanut was enough to sway the mind of a high ranking judicial officer in the person of marry odili who ought to show that justice is not for sale by recasting herself of fair hearing, her origin and citizenship of River state by marriage are fact which have made the youth accept without any doubt that justice mary odili is compromised. The most honourable thing would have been her recuse from the panel but she prevailed in her evil against Imo state with her curruptale and biase demeanor/disposition murdered justice and fairness, the below was quite resounding against her state of origin. The wound and economic cost of this betrayal remains indelible to Imolites. It is appalling that such high ranking judicial officer could stoop so low as to allow such consideration from crumbs falling off wike’s table to sway the course of justice. Justice indeed is for sale at the highest stage to the dirtiest player. This conduct of justice mary odili can be likened to the story of the washer man’s donkey that lagged to allow her take a shade under the washer man canopy and ended up wrecking the canopy ingratitude and wickedness are responsible for such wicked acts

It is obvious that she is returning favour to the Rivers state government for crumbs her family receives as stipend from the governor of Rivers State to herself & larger family members.

The of justice Mary Odili in this regard is a ridicule to the Justice system and a shame. It shows that justice is for sale and that the concert is no longer the last hope of the common man, if the can manipulate the judicoil system of Nigeria at the highest point to rob the common Imo people of their economic, social & infrastructural development hopes.

These youths are weeping for the judicial system of our dear country. What a shame Odili! What a disgrace! What a daylight robbery.


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