Open Letter To Engr Seyi Makinde: Ibadan Airport Roads Need Immediate Attention


I was at the Airport Road today and saw how convoy vehicles from Edo state are battling with pot holes and dusts on the road.

Airports are points of entry to any major cities, and the environment of an Airport sends the greatest “first impression” to any new comer who in many way may have plan to invest in that city.

I can tell properly that many of the roads that lead to the Ibadan Airport are still in poor condition and not suit for proper commuting.

  1. The major Road from the airforce School to the Airport: This road should be the most beutified road in the city of Ibadan but the opposite is the case. I once use to think that there is another proper road that link to the Ibadan Airport, until I recently discover that its the only road.
    On this road, there is no drainage system, the road looks like one that leads to an evil forest. It is more or less like just covering the ground with cement. It is not dualised and there are no decorative measure or signs it leads to an Airport but bushes and few houses and shops.

Suggestions: The road should be dualised, and made more suitable for movement. Not only that, proper decorative measures should be put into place…

  1. The Idi-Osan – Airport Road: is another road which leads to the airport. The brigde as promised has not been repaired, and the road is bad.

  2. The Idi-Osan – Para road: is another road that leads to the airport – although a shortcut road. This road was last used more than five years ago. The reason is becasue of a major bridge that was destroy due to constant erosion. Idi-Osan Para road apart from being one of the road that lead to the airport is a road used by thousands who work in the centre of the city.

I believe first impression at the Airport environment by any in-coming persons will last very long. Beautiful Airport enviroment is also a sign of development, of which Ibadan should be a pace setter city.