Most Wanted Public Enemy Operating In Plain Sight


Public Enemy Number One wastes Africa’s most populated and unrealized potential. Who would believe that men are so hungry for power that we are ready to sacrifice honor, dignity and reputation for a mirage of grandeur in our old age. If Buhari never came back, historians could have paved his name and that of Idiagbon in Gold as fearless and bold disciplinarians.

How did Buhari graduate from Operation War Against Indiscipline to become the most wanted Terrorist in plain sight? The only time Police show up is when innocent people are defending themselves against herdsmen invaders of their farms and properties. A country where state Governors are crying and powerless trying to stop marauders.

The lure of power in office, access to the Central Bank and aggrandizement are too much to resist. The same Buhari that waged War Against Indicipline, also known as Muslim religious fanatic, appease only his kitchen cabinet members and delivered Sharia implementation as cattle grazing. He jockeys abroad for treatments, celebrates foreign school graduations for his children and uses every opportunity he gets to enjoy infrastructure denied at home.

He resorts to the almajiri mentality to beg for money in the Western world, many of which have less educated people and are smaller than some of the states in Nigeria. Unfortunately, the loans come from those willing to aid and abet corruption for their families and pockets. As long as they turn those left in Africa, Caribbean and poor countries into workers in plantations, as producers of raw materials and consumers of their finished products.

It is beyond comprehension that in a country of over 200 million, we could not get competent individuals in various fields and specialization to educate them or man various departments. They know that when foreign banks give you loans, the World Bank or IMF front load it so that if you later defaulted, they must have made their money, cover the reduced value of the loan in future. If you used your land and infrastructure as collateral, you lost on all counts.

Before Independence, countries inside and outside Africa sought the expertise of Nigerians in different areas. Even in a country where a useful fool is elected President and privileged persons head departments, a strong informed system resists total progressive breakdown. A country like Nigeria should not have succumbed to chaos as if it is full of half illiterates. They will rather dominate with violence than allow competent people into specialized positions.

Out of greed and selfishness, we abandoned proficiency for the pursuit of goals that are shadows, not substantial objectives. Money is only good for its temporary value at a point in time if used to purchase those things that appreciate in value. No matter how much you accumulate, the moment you sell them for printed money, they are lost forever while the money you have depreciates into the printed papers they are.

We cannot say we were not warned after Buhari tasted foreign money as the Chairman of Petroleum Fund. We should have believed our reasonable doubts and suspicion when he equated the Army’s attempts to tackle Boko Haram to the killing of Northerners. Boko Haram even appointed him as their negotiator. They are still claiming only the North can eliminate terrorists that have established themselves in Aso Rock.

This is a President that fights and eliminates Protesters faster than the main insecurity facing the country, the Terrorists. Yet, they hired fake paid counter protesters abroad against real Nigerians crying for the rule of law. This Government has confused Nigerians so much, we can no longer tell the difference between the Army, bandits, hired assassins, Fulani marauders, cowheads and natural diseases.

The Fulani clan claim a god-given right to rule Nigeria to dust while brains in other countries with less than half of the brains of Nigerians are innovating, inventing, fighting climate change, exploring space and the deep sea. These are scientists, Artists, Geneticists, historians, Culturists etc. that attended the same schools as Nigerians.

If Nigerians, on the most arable land in the world lack capacity and scientific knowledge to grow enough food to feed themselves or neighbors; we should not be surprised that most Nigerians eke out a living, to buy daily food while creating a few privileged drunken sailors spending ostentatiously. No leader with foresight or planning. They live from day to day praying for a new loan from abroad like manna from heaven.

It is like the story of the prodigal son that sold the properties of his father. By the time the lawyers, adjusters and managers collected their fees and commissions after the sale. If he changed his mind, he could not buy properties of the same worth. He would not be able to afford to buy back a shack. Compared to the Empire Building in New York, it was a prestigious property. The Japanese investors that acquired it were taken to the cleaners. When they recovered from their aggrandizement, they sold it back to Americans at a loss!

The Americans, Chinese and Japanese would not buy prestigious mud huts in Africa without raw uranium, diamond and gold mines that can be turned into valuable finished products. Money exchanged for the Empire Building and loans given to African countries cannot buy back valuable land and mines. Money in the hands of African leaders is no different from the prestigious Empire Building that lost value in the hands of Japanese then.

Nigeria has followed other African countries selling their land and infrastructure for odious loans they know can never be paid back. Loans depreciate but the land and infrastructure increase in value. While Africans hold depreciating loans, they exchange valuable land and infrastructure in return. It is the difference between buying a car that depreciates in value in exchange for a house that appreciates in value.

This is not rocket science. Those in the financial markets and managers of Treasury and Ministries and those below them know all these. Yet, they look for dull brains and cow heads to manage technical issues based on kickbacks. This is how an underdeveloped country like Nigeria was forced to pay back 13.5B dollars padded with fines and penalties above about 4B that was originally borrowed.

They ignored experienced accountants or financial experts with local and international experience for a Finance Minister without private sector experience. The smart and conscientious leaders that go against these exploiters, end up like Gadhafi in Libya, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe or Boukman’s Haiti, the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.