APC Will Becomes Northern Party If South Is Denied 2023 Presidency, Okorocha warns


UST IN: APC Becomes Northern Party If South Is Denied 2023 Presidency, Okorocha, As the heat of 2023 general election in the West Africa Nigeria seems to have been turned on, as more news and threat keep on coming, political agitator in Nigeria has also increase they game of politic

So as the Former Imo State Governor and senator representing Imo West, Sen, Rochas Okorocha, has said in a statement IN QUOTE that

”The All Progress Congress party, The ruling APC lead government by President Buhari will be a Northern party if the southern region is denied the presidency in 2023”
Rochas Okorocha
The senator made this known during a meeting organized by the FCT chapter of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, NUJ

He said:

“I support the southern governors on the issue of zoning the 2023 presidency to the South eastern region of Nigeria. We started with the South-West when President Olusegun Obasanjo (became then the president). Then we went back to the North when we had picked LATE President Yar’Adua, he is from the Northern region. South South then came with President Goodluck Jonathan, and now the North being in power for 8 years, having it with the incumbent President Buhari.

“So, why would it be changed when it’s the turn of the south again? why is southern Nigeria being treated like fourth citizens Federal Republics Of Nigeria It’s a fair thing to do now for if APC fails to zone the presidential ticket to East, Then until then. If this is not done, then APC becomes a northern party.”
Speaking further, the Senator also shared how he handled the members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, during his tenure as the Governor of Imo state, and

How the states government across eastern Nigeria has failed in handling the IPOB agitator now making the southern-eastern states more insecure, with the Monday weekly sit at home that has affected business across all the southeastern states

Not just business, including life, schools, essential medicals, and properties across eastern Nigeria, an event that was well handled during his time in office as the Imo state governor for 8 good years

He continues to say:

“When IPOB started, they came to Imo State when I was the governor, but I listened to them and understood their grievances.

They asked me to join them, and I told them if they can convince me to have another (Biafra country) passport, I’d join, even do that the ideology of the IPOB is a bit different from what I want or possible what all of us want, at least I listen to them, I heard from them

These are what the government at both the state level and federal government are getting wrong, the IPOB Agitator is our fellow Nigerians, it will be more appealing and better that will all come to the table and listen to each other, a lot of things has gone wrong and need a smart fixed

Imagine if I never listen to IPOB during my reign as the Governor, maybe “I could have asked my men to shoot them as they were killed in Okigwe and other states

But no. I had to listen to know what they were going through. That’s how the Nigerian government should treat the youths, sympathize with them. Treat them well.”

These are our people, our youth, our children the people who have voted us into power to lead them and deliver good governance. if will fail now, we may never get another opportunity to make it right as one Nigeria

Hope you got my point, asked ”Okorocha” Former Imo State Governor and senator representing Imo West, in eastern Nigeria

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