2023: Why Igbos Are Being Unrealistic About Producing The Next President


In all fairness, if the next president should come from the south, the Igbos should have it. However, Igbos are not making any efforts towards achieving that. They’re all waiting for the presidency to be handed on to them on a platter after being sidelined for too long.

Many are calling for the ruling party to zone the presidency to the south east- we all know this is dead on arrival. Let’s look at it from this perspective, if APC zones the ticket to the south east and the the PDP zones the ticket to let’s say the north central, do you think the current Igbo politicians we have in the APC will be able to pull the required votes needed to beat a northerner at the polls?

Rather than calling out the ruling party to zone the presidential ticket to the south, Igbos should ensure that the PDP fields an Igbo for the 2023 election. And maybe in the spirit of the much touted southern unity, other regions can canvass for a politician from the south east extraction to contest under the banner of the APC, leaving us with two Igbo contenders in the major political parties just like 1999; Obj and Falae.

This is the only feasible way an Igbo can become a president in 2023. But, can Igbo politicians in the PDP muster enough courage to wrestle power from the Fulanis? the current reality says otherwise. Meanwhile, if the APC would field a southerner In the 2023 election, it would be between the S/W and S/S not because of anything but because none of the two major parties is willing to risk losing the election by giving their tickets to an Igbo politician with no political weight and popularity.

This is just my opinion though.