The Heaven On Earth That America Created In Afghanistan


Since the crisis in Afghanistan recently came to a head culminating in the victory of the Talibans, Nairaland has been publishing reports on how brutal, violent, blood thirsty the Talibans and by implication, muslims all are.

In the process, Naija247news has succeeded in creating a saintly and sanctimonious image of America, NATO and Europeans generally forgetting that these countries unjustifiably and illegally invaded Afghanistan and other numerous muslim countries( Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc) killing and maiming millions in the process

Even traditional America media organisations have been a bit professional by also reporting on some of the numerous atrocities and human rights violations committed by America in Afghanistan. Yet, Nairaland appears to cry more than the bereaved by always publishing sensational news about Shariah-ruled Afghanistan and in the process allowed dyed in the wool Nigerian Islamophobes to insult Islam and all of us muslims for alleged atrocities committed by Talibans.

The following are CNN and other Western media reports on atrocities committed by America and other allied forces in Afghanistan against the people of Afghanistan.

And by the same token, since NATO and America are Christian majority countries who committed these war crimes in a Muslim majority country (Afghanistan) does that also make christianity and all Christians terrorists? And for those who will argue that this was not done in the name of christianity, have you forgotten (see the last video link) that George W Bush had said b4 invading Afghanistan that God told him to invade Iraq and Afghanistan?

And as far as I know, G.W Bush worships the xtian God. And this is sincerely from the bottom of my heart: Please my compatriots Nigerian Christians, why do you always choose to turn a blind eye to the truth especially when it concerns muslims? Didn’t the bible ask you to “seek ye the truth for the truth shall set u free”?