Why Do Nigerian Politicians Always Announce The Cost Of Projects?


In most societies, government will brag about how it achieves great things at little or no cost. If they are going to use cost as an achievement, it will be based on how little they spent. ‘I built a bridge at half the estimated cost’ ‘I build a road without spending tax payer money’ etc.

or brag about time
“I finished the road project in half the estimated time” “I finished the airport 6 months early”

But in Nigeria, governors and the president will tell you how much they spent as an achievement. As if the inflated budget alone is worth of praise. They will give you these inflated cost numbers and in their mentality the more they spend doing something, the better that thing is. The Nigerian media will now add maggi by clapping for them using terms that imply gluttony, waste, and hedonism

“Rivers project GULPS N60 Billion”
“MASSIVE road project to GULP ‘at least’ N170 Billion”
“N90 Estimated for Borehole MEGA project”

All of these costs announced to communicate achievement. Worst than corruption, this mentality comes off as very backwards and has led to a situation where you can inflate projects well beyond the reasonable cost, underpay contractors and steal the remainder.