2023 Presidency: PNG Rebukes NEF, Says Its Statement Unfortunate, Can Cause Anarchy


A group seeking the betterment of Nigeria, Pro-Nigeria Group PNG, has condemned a controversial statement credited to the spokesman of the Northern Elders’ Forum, Dr. Hakeem Baba- Ahmed which claimed that the northern part of Nigeria deserves the Presidency in 2023, saying that the Northern Nigerians have more people than the Southern part.

Since this statement has dominated the media platforms, a barrage of reactions has followed, mostly negative ones.

Also airing his opinion on the statement during a press release on Tuesday in Lagos, the convener of the Pro-Nigeria Group, PNG, Lai Omotola, said that such a statement coming from the mouth of PEF’s spokesman is very unfortunate.

It has come to our attention at the Pro-Nigeria Group PNG that the statement made by the spokesman of the Northern Elders’ Forum which said that northerners will lead Nigeria again in 2023.

His remark is unfortunate, especially coming from a man of his caliber at this time when the political situation is tense.

The Press Statement in Full
We want to remind him that, at present, dilapidated and controversial census results do not constitute imperial evidence that the North is more than the South.

If we are looking at immigration, the Southern part of the country has been the recipient of immigration, so if he is still of the opinion that the North is more than the South, he is attacking from the past to keep on having the notion that the majority will always have the day in a democratic state.

For example, in the United States, where the most advanced and transparent democracy is practiced, the majority doesn’t always emerge victorious.

So, talking about democracy on the narrow part of the majority is to begin to practice the Electoral College being used to elect leaders in the United States.

We in PNG believe in a rotational presidency rather than one where one part continues to dominate others. So, if his voice is loaded, it will he will bring the country to the brink of anarchy.o