Nze Ray Emeana, Thou shall not lie By Collins Ughalaa


I have tremendous respect for old men because I, too, would like to enjoy old age. Even when they sometimes misbehave or put their appetites above the feelings of others, I would rather intercede than rebuke them.

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But I owe posterity a duty to call one old man to order; Nze Raymond Emeana, the Abuja-based Secretary of Imo PDP.

On the 16th of September, 2021, Nze Emeana took undue advantage of his connections at Daily Post newspaper to defame his Governor, the Government, and people of his State, Imo. This is unethical and must not be swept under the carpet.

He misinformed his unsuspecting contact that “the ruling APC government led by Gov Hope Uzodinma is the sponsor of crises in the State, from their actions and inactions.

“Their refusal to talk to oil marketer for weeks thereby causing untold hardship on the people of the State and the militarization of Imo State are all products of bad governance.” (sic)

Emeana also denied the existence of the Global Association of Concerned Imo Youths (GACIY) which had correctly exposed the PDP as the sponsor of cyber and domestic terrorism in Imo State.

Perhaps I should even commend Mr. Emeana. It couldn’t have been easy to create time for gossip when his beloved PDP is on the verge of collapse.

May God help him because what is greater than the queen termite has entered the anthill. PDP officers are deserting their posts in droves. They have seen the imminent collapse of the house and the owners’ inability to salvage the structure.

It is reported that Emeana himself is secretly negotiating his exit from the PDP and made those comments in the heat of pressure from his supervisors. That is his business.

I’m here to remind him that an elder must not tell lies not to help him analyse the merits and demerits of defection.

First, the fuel crisis in Imo had been resolved on Wednesday 15 September, 2021 by no less a person than the Governor himself. Normalcy had returned two full days before Emeana misinformed his contact.

As a matter of fact, footage of Uzodinma’s empathetic speech, tone, and body language during his meeting with the aggrieved unions is still trending even within Emeana’s circle. But it came as no surprise that Emeana feigned ignorance. None whatever. The petrol scarcity fired his party’s falsehood factory. Uzodinma’s timeous resolution of it must have stung him.

Imo people would recall that Government met with the unions before, and continued to meet with them soon after the strike. As a fall out in fact, the strike was suspended 3 days after it began. Strangely, the tanker drivers refused to resume supply and although open, fuel marketers preferred to hoard products. Word on the street was that they were acting under the influence of the PDP.

Uzodinma, thus, felt compelled to step in when it became apparent that the crisis had morphed into political warfare to the detriment of the masses. Thank God his soothing appeal disloged the noisome counsel of the PDP, and the unions retuned to work.

Allegations of “militarizing” Imo State have neither basis nor meaning. An old man like Emeana should know better than to politick with insecurity. But I do not blame him. It is difficult to correctly report facts in Imo from the comfort of a seedy hotel in Abuja. For the records, Imo State is not militarized. The streets are free and our people go and come without molestation.

As you may recall, Imo witnessed a wave of insecurity a few months ago. This has been largely contained. Incidentally, the same PDP censured the Governor for confronting bandits when Imo witnessed a wave of insecurity recently. They said he should plead with them, negotiate with them, cuddle them. Before we knew it, these criminals began to set fire to police stations and burst prisons open.

Thank God the security architecture has been repositioned such that security agents deploy and quell emergencies with dispatch. Uzodinma is leading Imo forward.

Emeana also told his contact that the Global Association of Concerned Imo Youths (GACIY) “does not exist in Imo.” Such senility could only emanate from the PDP where denial is customary. They deny what they cannot control, compromise, or corrupt. It is unthinkable how Emeana concludes that GACIY does not exist in Imo when he knows those behind the group. Emeana knows yours sincerely and others in this group. Next time he says that, stop him mid sentence and ask him to produce a register of “existing groups” in Imo.

Finally, I should advice every journalist or follower of Imo events to take whatever the PDP says with a pinch of salt. Do not allow them bring dishonour to your platform. These men are double-dealers; opposition by day, lobbyist by night. They are out to quench only their appetites.

May God help us.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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