Igbo Marxism 1966 Vs Jewish Bolshelvism 1918


Many people don’t know that the bloody Russian revolution was carried out by mainly Jewish thugs led by Lenin (a Jew) who was financed by both Rothschild and New York Jewish bankers.

The parallels between the Igbo Marxist coup and Jewish take over of Russia all aimed at our goal – communism.

Marxism was spreading like wildfire across Latin America, Asia and Africa in the 60’s.

All the idiots back then like Ifeanjuwa and Wole Soyinka did not and still do not understand what Marxism is all about. Back then to be identified as a Marxist was to express one’s hippness and woke stance. All the Marxist sh!t they got to know about was during higher institutions where Jewish “scholars” drilled Marxist b.s. into their empty skulls.

Ifeanjuwa and Wole Soyinka were acquaintances during their years at Ibadan. While Wole advocated for a soft revolution – a slow take over of government through indoctrination of University students with his pyrate confraternity, Ifeanjuwa preferred the Hard approach which the majority (Bolsheviks) in the Jewish controlled Communist party adopted.

Ifeanjuwa will join the military from where he spread his Marxist virus which will later materialize as the Jan 15 Igbo coup and later the Communist Republic of Biafra.

The coup had the backing of Mossad agents in the BBC who promoted the “success” .

When Ironsi was summarily disposed off by mutinuous northern officers who were bent on separating from Nigeria, the Jews in London then decided to continue their Marxist venture with the north instead of their Igbo minions.

For all the complaints and ramts on the state of Nigeria by Biastards, they always forget how they (zeta Jews) in conjunction with their Alpha Jews created the mess we live in.