Why Nigeria shouldn’t buy US fighter jet


US president Joe Biden recently told United Arab Emirates to dropped Huawei 5G technology if it want F 35 fighter jets to be delivered. This came after United Arab Emirates established relationship with Israel, a condition given by Trump administration to deliver the F35.

US also pressured Turkey to decommission it’s Russian S400 before it deliver 100 F35 Turkey ordered for despite Turkey participation in the building of the F 35.

US do not have alternative to 5G technology and S 400 but tries to hold back other’s development.

If Nigeria continues to rely on US military equipment, war on terrorists and insurgents will suffer set back just as we witness under Jonathan government.

They use sale of their military equipment to give condition upon condition which causes delay in supply for decades. A country under war like Nigeria should rely on reliable country like China, Russia and others who will not attach selfish national interest to security of lives and properties.