Governor Oyetola’s Secret Game Exposed


First news, Governor Oyetola had last week sneaked out of Nigeria to see his elder Brother, Asiwaju Tinubu in London and he has since been back to Nigeria. What is however not quite understood is why Oyetola refused to showcase Tinubu on the media.

No photos are seen on internet till now and one wonders if the Governor’s media crew are on a holiday or if Oyetola is not confident to parade his Brother for political correctness.

Second News, Governor Oyetola has two days ago donated a brand new car worth of #14 million to the Osun State NURTW Chairman secretly. For what purpose we can not immediately phantom.

It is yet to be known whether the Governor will do justice by gifting the Chairman of RTEAN and Okada association as well as other viable groups in Osun State. After all, what is good for the goose is good for the ganders too.

While it is the right of Oyetola to turn to a father Christmas over night because of imminent election, as I congratulate the NURTW Chairman in Osun State on his exotic gift from government, I want to caution Mr Governor to remember the plight of Osun State pensioners too.

Most of these pensioners in Osun State are stranded haven not collected their gratuity and pension since over 5 years. It is not easy to live for one year without any income let alone over 5 years.

Oyetola should on compassionate ground attend to the Osun Pensioners and give the remaining alive among them a reason to smile again because many of them are dead owing to avoidable circumstances but for their inability to meet financial needs. He can devote part of the free money to service the senior citizens too.

(c) Akintunde Bello Sherif (ABS)