Fulanization Agenda: Questions For Gov. Ortom And His Likes


Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state has recently been in the news for one reason, speaking what he called “truth to power,” on the security situation in his state and other parts of the country. To be fair to the governor, no state executive would sit down while his people are being killed almost every other month without doing anything to remedy the situation, but, is the governor going about it the right way?

The reason why the Fulani ethnic groups are hell-bent on setting the state on fire, according to the governor is to displace the natives and take over their lands, and the President is inn on the plan, hence he has refused to be ruthless with them.

If these opinions are that of governor Ortom alone,it wouldn’t have bother me this much; many Nigerians have spoken out in support of all the governor is saying on both the social and conventional media. Mr Ortom is somewhat of a hero right now, going from one media house to another, laying all sorts of allegations. The governor is basking in the euphoria of his immunity, I do not think anyone without immunity would have been so bold enough.

Before I would believe anything, I always try to go deep about it and understand the logic. If a theory or proposition does not make sense to me, after careful evaluation and references to similar phenomenon in the past and even present, I quickly discard it and move forward. That policy has never failed me.

As they say, no man is an Island. Since Nairaland is a Forum where I can have the pleasure of diverse opinions, I decided to bring the issues for discussion, by raising few salient questions with the hope that the governor gets to see this thread, and his supporters here too can tell us why they think he is making sense with his utterances.

Here goes the questions:

1. Benue state has a history of violence spanning many years, including the Jonathan years, was Jonathan in on the alleged Fulanization agenda?

2. We all know that Fulani constitute the most part of the bandits terrorizing states like Katsina, Zamfara, Niger, Kebbi…. Does the Fulanization agenda includes killing thousands of Fulani?

3. Why is it that, when bandits strike in Zamfara, it’s banditry, but when the same bandits strike in Benue, it’s Fulanization/Islamization agenda?

4. If Fulanization is real, it means that, for the agenda to succeed, other ethnic groups will have to be exterminated or forced out of Nigeria. Yoruba, Igbo and other ethnic groups whose combine population is more than one hundred million people would have to be conquered, how is that even possible?

5. President Buhari administration has been in power for six years and three months, if it came with an agenda and it has not been able to succeed after all these time, does it make sense that the agenda will continue with just 21 months to go? Reality must have set in that this was a futile attempt.

6. Finally, where in the world has it happened in recent memory, that an ethnic group over – run a whole nation and takes it over by way of conquest? Is governor Ortom and his supporters not stuck in the 13th Century

Note: This is not by anyway, trying to exonerate the government from it failure to secure the country, the bulk stops at the President’s table and he swore to protect lives and properties of the citizens.

The difference between us is, I believe the government does not have the capacity to secure the Country (I will do a thread on that when I can), while the likes of governor Ortom believe that the government is behind insecurity.