VIDEO: “God Almighty Will Not Allow You to Turn Nigeria into An Islamic State” Gov Sam Ortom Rebukes President Buhari


An a latest interview with the governor of benue state Sam ortom, he cried about how things are falling apart in Nigeria but the presidency is busy imposing open grazing in Nigeria.

He spoke about the sponsorship of terrorist by myeti Allah and the killings done by fulani bandits in Nigeria and presidency don’t have any plan to cub the crime.

And since buhari don’t want to proscribe killer Fulanis herdsmen, that means that what Nnamdi kanu said about Islamization and Fulanization of Nigeria by buhari is not a false accusations and and he challenged buhari that he can never turn Nigeria to a Fulani nation.

According to him, he was bittered when buhari told him in a private meeting that for peace to reign in Nigeria, Nigerians should allow killer Fulanis herdsmen to live with them despite the killings
He also spoke about how he ran for almost 2km when he was ambushed and nothing have ever done about it
So what do you think about this
Are we safe in the hands of Fulani government