Ghana passport visa free to UAE: Holders fit travel go Dubai without visa?


Ghana den United Arab Emirates (UEA) sign agreement which go allow some Ghana passport holders to travel to Dubai without visa.

Per de agreement, diplomatic or special passport holders den other people who get official passports go fit enter UAE without visa.

But what exactly dis agreement dey say about ordinary Ghana passport holders?
Ordinary Ghanaian passport holders need visa?
According to de MOU, “concerning Ghanaian ordinary passports, UAE Embassy for Accra go issue visa after dem pay visa fee.”
Contrary to reports den speculations about visa free entry, de MOU state say ordinary Ghanaian passport holders no go fit travel go UAE without visa.
Instead, de people who go fit travel with ordinary passport without visa be UAE nationals who dey hold ordinary den service passports.
Dem go fit enter Ghana without visa but dem go fit get visa on arrival den stay for maximum period of 90 days.

Plans for ordinary Ghana passport holders
De Committee report on Foreign Affairs for Parliament note say de principle of reciprocity no apply sake of whilst ordinary UAE passport holders fit travel to Ghana, ordinary Ghanaian passport holders no fit travel to UAE without visa.
De Foreign Affairs Committee for Parliament request say de Ministry of Foreign Affairs for engage de UAE to ensure say ordinary passport holders from Ghana fit travel to UAE without visa.
What be restrictions for visa free travellers?
Despite de visa free arrangements, de two countries place some restrictions on what visa free travellers no fit do.
Top on dis be say, dem no fit work, engage in any form of profession or study inside de territory of de host country.
De only time dem fit do anything else apart from visit be wen dem obtain permission based on laws of de country to undertake activities like work, school den stuff.