Nigerian Idol: 5 things you probably didn’t know about Comfort


When 18-year-old Comfort Alalade walked into the Nigerian Idol audition room, she could barely look the judges in the eye. Nervous and shy, she was hardly audible as she answered the judges’ questions.

But once she started singing, it was clear she was very much in her element, and it wasn’t long before the judges were nodding in approval. By the end of the audition, she landed the coveted golden ticket, with Seyi Shay famously saying, “you’ve got the voice of an angel”.

These days, shy, uncertain Comfort has pretty much left the building. She’s swapped her low-cut for snazzy wigs, and several eliminations later, beaten all the odds to land a hotly contested top 4 spot. This feat, she said in an exclusive chat, has been by the grace of God.

“I’ve come this far with the help of God and I’m very sure he will complete what he started,” she shared in the chat.

With less than a month left on the show, Comfort continues to surprise critics. But who exactly is the young teen who has left viewers of Nigerian Idol, currently streaming on Showmax, curious?

Here are 5 facts about herself that Comfort shared with us in our exclusive chat.

  1. She’s been admitted to UNILORIN

Just before getting on the show, Comfort had gained admission to study microbiology at the University of Ilorin. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she hasn’t yet started her studies.

“I gained admission into the University of Ilorin to study microbiology but the outbreak of Covid-19 caused a lot of change and delay, so I haven’t even got my Matriculation number but I’ve seen my admission letter,” she said.

  1. Her favourite fellow contestant is Beyonce

By her own admission, she wasn’t initially friends with fellow contestant and teenager, Beyonce. But as time went on, the pair struck a bond.

“My favourite contestant is Beyonce. I love that girl so much. At first I thought she was very quiet and I’m also quiet, so I felt two quiet people couldn’t work well together. Later, when I realised how calm she is and the fact that she has a very beautiful heart, I started loving her and we started getting close. We became friends – laughing, gisting and all. The day she left I felt really bad because I was the first person to be called on stage. I kept expecting she would get called until I saw she was up for eviction. I got very scared. Unfortunately, she left, but God’s plan is the best and I’m very happy for her because she’s doing really well (outside the show).”

  1. She’d like to study music

Like many singers, Comfort got a head start singing in the church choir, something she said that her late mother also did passionately. Although the 18-year-old is on course to study microbiology, her dream would actually be to study music abroad.

“I would love to study music in Canada, and then go for Idols Canada. You will see, it will happen, just watch,” she shared with a grin.

  1. She’d love to work with gospel artists

For Comfort, it would be great to work with some of her favourite gospel singers.

“I love Tope Alabi’s voice, also Lara George and Sinach. I only want to work with gospel singers and I love those three women.”

  1. She’s got a great sense of humour

When Comfort first popped on screen, we met a shy girl. But beneath that shyness is a really funny young lady.

“I’m actually really playful but I have to study you first and get to know you before I can let myself go,” she shared.

“Coming here and seeing a lot of people, I didn’t know I would make it this far. I heard there were over 60 of us who got the Golden Ticket out of thousands of contestants so I felt really honoured. With the golden ticket, I’d said I was going to frame it, post it and tag everybody then hang it in my room, if possible make photocopies and hang at the entrance of my house – I got Nigerian Idol golden ticket, even if I didn’t proceed to this level,” she said with a laugh.

The Nigerian Idol Sunday live show, and past episodes of the auditions, are available for streaming on Showmax.