Nigeria can attain sustainable food security using biological pesticides – Don

Food Security

By Akeem Abas
Ibadan, June 18, 2021 A Professor of Nematology, Prof. Timothy Olabiyi, says sustainable food security can be attained through the use of biological pesticides.
Olabiyi disclosed this on Friday while delivering the 45th inaugural lecture of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso.
He said that the only sustainable food security measure is the use of non-synthetic chemicals.
He noted that the world population is increasing on daily basis and many have suffered ill-health as a result of food poison and toxin which are also increasing.
“Sustainable food security can only be attained through the use of biological pesticides that are ecologically friendly and bio-degradable with no chemical residues leading to safe-to-eat food.
“Mass production of biological pesticides and making it available to farmers is germane to disease management and sustainable food security in Nigeria,” he said.
The university don called on Federal Government to establish Biological Pesticide Production Industries that could produce adequate and required biological pesticides.

“Such industries will provide jobs for the youth aside from the fact that the teaming population will have the right to eat safe food,” he said.

He said that the presence of farmer’s hidden enemy is inevitable, adding that they are present everywhere and all year round.

Olabiyi said that sustainable management of these disease-causing micro-organisms is our best option.

According to him, “my target is to produce biological nematicide for farmers in Nigeria.

“I am almost at the point of patenting those products, so that farmers can get to the shop and buy it for their farms.
“At the moment, I have supplied so many farmers nationwide, even in the North East and West.

“They have used it effectively and have given me very good report that it is good and we can use it to replace the synthetic nematicide,” he said.

He called for support to set up an industry for the production of biological nematicide for farmers in Nigeria.
A nematicide is a type of chemical pesticide used to kill plant-parasitic nematodes.

The varsity don said that the issue of farmers-herders’ clashes was due to climate change, saying he could not blame either of the parties.