Edwards Global Services Releases First 2021 GlobalVue™ Report


Report Ranking the Best Countries to Do Business in Reveals Significant Changes for 41 Countries

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Edwards Global Services, Inc. (EGS), a leader in accelerating global business development and franchising, has released its first GlobalVue™ report of 2021. The resource, which includes a comprehensive ranking of the best countries to do business in around the globe, is designed as a tool to help growing companies with their international business decision-making processes.

Since 2001, the report has provided well-known brands with the in-depth analysis required to make educated global expansion plans. Considered one of the most reliable and accurate international market evaluation reports, EGS’s GlobalVue™ report consistently highlights leading locations for international business including China, the European Union, India and the United Kingdom, and due to increasing interest, Pakistan and Cambodia have recently been added—for a total of 43 ranked countries.

In the current edition, the United Kingdom came out ahead as the best country to expand into in 2021, with the United States in second place. Israel, Spain and the United Arab Emirates have climbed up the ranking since EGS’s 2020 end-of-year GlobalVue™ report, due to improving ease of doing business and COVID response.

The EGS GlobalVue™ country ranking analysis is released quarterly and is based on recent political activities, feedback from in-country EGS GlobalTeam™ members with boots on the ground in over 40 countries and continuous review of over 30 international information sources across 10 different business related parameters, including:

  • Projected gross domestic product (GDP) growth
  • Market size
  • Legal concerns for international brands
  • Ease of international brand entry
  • Ease of starting a new business
  • Corruption index
  • Political situation
  • Economic factors
  • Investment risk level
  • Coronavirus recovery

“EGS’s country rankings include feedback from EGS global team members who actually live and work in these countries, which has been key during COVID lockdowns and travel bans,” said William Edwards, CEO of EGS. “Most countries are projected to swing back from negative gross domestic product (GDP) growth in 2020, with many expected to see a GDP of higher than three percent this year.”

To learn more about EGS’s GlobalVue™ report, visit: https://bit.ly/3bVE19O.

ABOUT WILLIAM EDWARDS AND EDWARDS GLOBAL SERVICES, INC.: William Edwards has 47 years of international experience, including living in China, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey and the U.S. He has directed projects in over 50 countries and is known as a guru of global business development, frequently speaking on the topic of the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities of international business expansion. Edwards has worked with Fortune 100, INC 5000 and small companies to help them enter new markets with the analysis, wisdom, foresight and strategy to maximize success. He has a deep respect for other cultures and their business customs and loves helping businesses realize their full potential on the global stage. Edwards Global Services, Inc. (EGS), founded in 2001, has assisted more than 40 U.S. businesses in the education, retail, restaurant and service sectors in their international development in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Middle and Near East. Edwards has established a set of trademarked processes and procedures to help his clients gain a competitive edge when looking to expand internationally, which he calls Going Global. His methodical and deeply informed approach is the secret to his overwhelming success. The EGS GlobalTeam™ are on the ground covering 40 countries to help clients succeed. For more information, visit www.edwardsglobal.com.

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