Most Nigerians Live Like Prisoners Abroad – Countryman Advises Migrants Not To Come


Nigerians planning to relocate abroad for greener pastures have been advised to halt the plan and invest their money in the country.

A Nigerian migrant in Germany by the name of Mr. Forlan in a viral video interview with Legit gave the advice.

Forlan said the only issue with Nigeria is the management of resources by the political leaders, adding that the country is endowed with resources that can compete with European nations.

In the interview, he granted speaking Pidgin, he said Germany and the rest of European countries Nigerians scuttling to relocate to are not heaven, saying they are stiffer with policies and programmes that make lives miserable for the migrants.

He, however, advised that money gathered to relocate abroad can be used for investment in any agricultural business or other venture that would yield returns.

“They think you are going to heaven when you relocate to Europe. Europe is not heaven! Everything in Europe is also present in Nigeria. If you have money to travel, invest that money in any business in Nigeria,” Forlan said.

He lamented that migrants in Europe are living like prisoners who don’t have a social life because Nigerians are scattered in the neighbourhoods amongst the Whites so don’t have friends to visit.

“Migrants in Europe are living like prisoners. We don’t have friends to visit. The Europeans don’t mingle with us. We don’t attend social gatherings like clubbing and partying. We always stay indoors, even during the holidays.

“God blessed Nigeria with resources. It’s just our leaders that are mismanaging them. We have fresh foods and natural things to be proud of. I thank God I came to Europe at a prime age, not at old age. So, I plan to go back and invest in my country.

“Europe is like a beautiful woman with a vile character, while Nigeria is seen as an ugly woman with decent traits. There are businesses you can do in Nigeria with little money, but you can’t do that here. They have packaged their systems for themselves. Their opportunities are made for themselves. Migrants only get crumbs of such opportunities. If you have money to do business, and they don’t grant you documents, what will you do?

“In Germany here, some people are in camps for four years with no job. The same thing in France. They live like prisoners. Europe requires hard labour for you to be successful. Even talking about the weather, the cold here is so scary that you will feel like not going to work but you will rush out when you think of bills to pay.

“In Europe, you pay bills for everything used. Think of house rent, water bill, light bill and so on. Tax can kill you here. I’ll advise that if you can gather N500,000 for processing your travel papers, convert it to invest in any business that will bring returns in Nigeria.

“I have an agricultural business at home that people are managing for me. I deal in plantain and cassava in my village. There are people working on my farm that I pay them monthly. Just invest and forget about coming to Europe.”