Nigeria will witness progress, prosperity in 2021 — Maharaji


By Suleiman Shehu

Ibadan, Dec. 31, 2020 Mr Satguru Maharaji, founder of One Love Family, a faith-based organisation, says Nigeria will witness progress and prosperity in 2021, after the challenges of 2020.

Maharaji said this on Thursday during a news conference marking his 73rd birthday and 41st anniversary of the Maharaji Village in Ibadan.

The religious leader said that Nigeria will overcome its current security challenges as well as witness a stable economy in 2021.

“The constituted authorities have learnt their lessons on the #EndSARS protest, which later turned violent, as well as other problems of 2020.

“I believe there will be changes in 2021 and it will be a better year for Nigerians.

“Nigerians should believe and relate with one another with love and live in harmony; that is what we are going to witness in 2021,” he said.

Maharaji, however, urged the Federal Government to set up a price control board to regulate prices of essential commodities to make them affordable to the people.

He called for the establishment of a marketing board that would buy agricultural produce directly from farmers for proper storage and sales to the public.

He urged the government to place total ban on cigarette consumption in the country, while also calling for the imposition of high tax on imported furniture and other luxury goods.

“Nigeria does not need these items,” he said.

Maharaji urged Nigerians in the Diaspora to return home and invest in the country to boost its economy and reduce unemployment.

“I am not advocating that a particular ethnic group must produce the president in 2023, but I believe that we should have a president that loves and cares for the citizens.

“The unwritten agreement whereby the north rules for eight years and the baton is passed to the south; should be sustained for now as a matter of necessity,” he said.

Maharaji said this would be in the interest of equity and decency, adding that it will also give a sense of belonging to all Nigerians.

“There is no doubt, the persistent clamoring mainly from the majority ethnic nationalities, for self-rule is suggestive that something is wrong at the centre,” he said.

He called on leaders at all levels to wake up and be alive to their responsibilities to ensure that the people at the grassroots enjoyed dividends of democracy.

“The leaders that Nigerians need are those that love, care, provide shelters, job opportunities, adequate security, among others,” he said.