Schneider Electric ramps up on E-Commerce


Marketing and Communications Manager for Schneider Electric, Viviane Mike-Eze, who made this known in a media chat on Monday, stated that empowering Schneider Electric partners on E-commerce had become necessary due the growing preference for online transactions by end-users, influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic

Ms Mike-Eze also noted that Schneider Electric would promote the online visibility of e-commerce partners through joint marketing actions targeted at attracting online clientele to their websites

“Schneider Electric aims to ensure easy accessibility and identification of genuine products nationwide, giving customers clear visibility on its accredited online and offline distributors, with this information available on the Schneider Electric website. Our partners e-commerce platforms is an avenue for customers to access the company’s products online, conveniently, but also to enjoy exclusive promotionsonline”  she stated.

This initiative is expected to impacts some tens of thousand digitally engaged customers and visitors to Schneider Electric website and social media accounts