Libya, Italy sign military-technical cooperation agreement


Tripoli, Dec. 4, 2020 Libya’s Ministry of Defence, under the Government of National Accord, has signed a military-technical cooperation agreement with the Italian Ministry of Defence, official military sources indicated in Tripoli, the Libyan capital.

According to the sources, the deal covers training, technical information, support, development, maintenance, consultation and exchange of experience in the field of illegal immigration, land, sea and air borders.

The agreement also covers drug and smuggling operations, the disposal of munitions and mines, and relief operations in the event of natural disasters and health emergencies, the sources said.

It also covers joint military exercises, short-term exercises and visits to airports and ports for support and cooperation in the organization of military and civilian institutions and their legal systems, the construction and equipment of military and civilian units, the management and training of personnel.

This cooperation will concern the field of military medicine, through the training of medical and auxiliary medical personnel and the supply of apparatus and equipment.

The agreement was initialed during the visit of the Libyan Defence minister, Salah al-Nemrouch, on Friday to the headquarters of the Italian Ministry of Defence.

Mr. al-Nemrouch discussed with his Italian counterpart, Lorenzo Guerini, the development of mechanisms to activate cooperation between the two ministries in sectors of the army, land, sea, air defence and border guards.

According to an official statement, “this visit is part of the efforts of the Ministry of Defence of the government of national accord to strengthen and develop cooperation with various friendly countries, which support the construction of a professional military institution with high skills and capabilities”.

The signing of the agreement was based on the Treaty of Friendship, Partnership and Cooperation concluded in Benghazi on August 30, 2008, as well as the Tripoli Declaration on January 21, 2012 and memoranda and joint meetings held and concluded by both parties, and on the memorandum of understanding between the Libyan and Italian Ministers of Defence in Rome on May 28, 2012.

According to the statement, the two defence ministries agreed to establish a joint committee for military cooperation in various fields of defense, the members of which will be representatives of all sectors and classes of all armed forces of the two countries.

Meanwhile, Minister Slah al-Nemrouch visited Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, with whom he discussed “the depth of bilateral relations of friendship and cooperation between the Libyan and Italian peoples”.

The meeting addressed the latest developments in Libya, as well as the importance of activating cooperation between the two countries due to its importance in supporting the security and stability of both countries.