Flour Mills fertiliser business will help spur Nigeria’s agricultural revolution says GMD Gbededo


Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc has said it is looking to expand its fertiliser blending plants in a bid to de-risk the concentration of its business in Lagos.

The Group Managing Director, Flour Mills of Nigeria, Mr Paul Gbededo, said the expansion would also enhance the company’s presence and allow for quick delivery of fertiliser to the end-users.

He noted that when in 1997 the board and management of FMN decided to incorporate a fertiliser company, the goal was to provide quality input for farmers at the right time and right price.

He said since the year 2000, Golden Fertilizer Company Limited, FMN’s wholly-owned subsidiary, had carved a niche in the Nigerian fertiliser market.

“We are looking forward to expansion of our blending plants into more states outside Lagos. We have just gained more properties in northern states that will help us cater better for our customers and de-risk the concentration of our business in Lagos,” Gbededo said at Golden Fertilizer Customer Forum in Lagos.

He noted that the structures the company had worked hard to build, based on its knowledge of the fertiliser market, farmer’s needs and agronomy services, had been challenged in recent times by inconsistent government policies on fertiliser.