Anglican primate urges Nigerians to remain hopeful, trust in God


By Jessica Onyegbula

Abuja, Nov. 16, 2020 The Primate of all Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Most Rev. Henry Ndukuba, on Monday urged Nigerians to remain hopeful and continue to trust in God, especially during this time.

Ndukuba who gave the advice during the Divine Commonwealth Conference (DIVCCON), in Abuja stressed that Nigerians are currently facing many challenges.

”We are in a time that is so uncertain and the courage of many have left them, people are not sure what will happen next, it is now from one challenge to another,

”At a time like this, it is good for us to know that our God is an unchanging God, situations may change but God never changes and he has authority and power over all that he created.

‘‘Even the challenges facing us are not just physical; there are spiritual dimensions to what we are facing. There are spiritual forces that we are contending against.

We must remember that we have the word of God and the promises of God and in times like this, we must look up to Jesus, who has been there for us, we must encourage ourselves in the lord,” he said.

Ndukuba also said that the EndSARS protest had good intentions but along the line, it was hijacked and havoc was caused.

”I want to plead with the Federal government to know that they are the care givers.

“Thank God that government has put in place panels to listen and find out the grievances and also ensure that some people are accountable.

”But this issue of freezing personal accounts and seizing of passports is not providing the level ground for the young people to come forward.

”Government should treat the issue in such a way that we can use our diplomatic relationship to get them from wherever they are, even if they run away,

”We would like government to treat this issue in such a way that even the system of looking for the scapegoat should not be employed.

“Let there be open discussions that will treat these issues objectively, after all we have video records of people who were breaking and looting,

”Police and security agencies should go after those pictures and trace people who are culpable, people cannot go and commit wickedness, robbery and criminality and go free,

”And those who are making genuine demands are being witch-hunted, let us go for the criminals and also listen to what these young people are saying,” he said.

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