Oyo State, varsity, consultancy collaborate to equip youths with technological skills


By Ibukun Emiola

Ibadan, Nov. 9, 2020 The Oyo State Government, the University of Ibadan and a consultancy firm are collaborating to equip youths with technological and creativity skills to enable them to become self-reliant.

Chief Executive Officer of the consultancy firm, Mr David Afolayan, said at the opening of a five-day training and boot camp held for youths in Ibadan on Monday that equipping youths with modern technological shills would help to reduce ignorance and agitations.

“We believe this is the model to adopt to empower the youths. Give them the tools they need; give them the technology they need; give them the recognition they need and talk about them.

“This way, they will know that is an end to the lack of support they have always missed.

“We know that Africans will be the ones to solve African problems. We need to rise as the future of the country and begin to solve problems. That is all we are working towards,’’ he said.

Afolayan lamented the negative perception of the Nigerian youths globally and noted that only a few bad eggs were dragging the image of the Nigerian youth in mud.

“We are not just equipping the youth with technology, we are challenging them to be innovative. We are supporting them so that their innovations will become mature, he said.

In her remarks, Dr Aderonke Sakpere of the University of Ibadan said at a session that the collaborators were supporting the Oyo State government to empower the youth and that the Federal Government should join in the initiative.
“There is also a need for other states to collaborate to give the youth a meaningful pathway in life,’’ she stressed.

A participating PhD student of the University of Ibadan, Fowowe Akinsanmi, said the training would enable him to acquire skills to solve environmental problems like refuse disposal and that he could commercialise solutions he hopes to generate.

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