World Bank provides Morocco with US$150m to improve urban transportation


Rabat, Nov. 5, 2020 (PANA) The World Bank (WB) has approved funding of up to US$150 million under the Morocco Urban Transport Programme that was launched in 2015.

This funding “aims to improve the capacity of the authorities to provide quality public transportation and support investments in local urban transport infrastructure,” according to the World Bank.

It said in a press release that “The Covid-19 pandemic underlines more than ever the importance of investing in safe, affordable and efficient public transportation, serving economic and social inclusion and climate change mitigation.

“With this additional funding, the WB wishes to help the Moroccan authorities to maintain the momentum of reforms and develop an affordable transport system that meets the needs of city dwellers, in a country where the demand for urban mobility and reliability of public transport is constantly increasing.”

The WB extended to Morocco in July last year a loan of US$ 500 million to support the digital sector.

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