EU Lawmaker blames Austrian Pro-Migration politicians for attack in Vienna


St. Petersburg, Nov. 3, 2020 (Sputnik/Naija247news) The Austrian politicians who supported lenient migration policies are those responsible for the recent shooting attack in Vienna, Roman Haider, an EU lawmaker from the Freedom Party of Austria, said on Tuesday.

Several armed attacks took place late on Monday in the Austrian capital, resulting in four people death, according to the interior minister.

There are said to be as many as four perpetrators. One of them was gunned down by law enforcement officers and identified as a supporter of the Islamic State (terrorist organisation, banned in Russia).

“The leftist politicians (including Austrian ‘conservatives’) who lured this pack into the country, even though they knew that such things were going to happen, just like in other European countries …

Those ‘do-gooders’ are the real culprits who turned our once magnificent imperial city into a multicriminal Eldorado for the scum of this world,” Haider said, mentioning that the country was now harvesting “what was sown in 2015.”

In 2015, multiple waves of migrants and refugees tried to reach Europe, culminating in what was described as a full-blown migrant crisis.

That created a backlash, which propelled far-right and radical nationalist movements from the fringes to the center of European politics. (Sputnik/Naija247news)

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