Group appeals to Nigerians to focus on national unity, not disintegration


By Angela Atabo
Abuja, Oct. 27, 2020 United for better Nigeria Initiatives (UBNi), an NGO, on Tuesday appealed to Nigerians to focus on national unity rather than acts that could disintegrate the country.

Mrs Nkolika Mkparu, National Coordinator, UBNi, in a statement said that focusing on national unity remained necessary as Nigeria was in a challenging time.

According to Mkparu, the nation is in mourning and every peace-loving person should feel the hurt.

“It breaks my heart to see our citizens turning against one another, killing, maiming others and destroying property by few who hijacked a peaceful demonstration.

This demonstration which is the given constitutional right of every Nigerian, to gather peacefully, was hijacked and used to cause havocs across the nation.”

Mkparu called on members of the group to enlighten Nigerians on the importance of utilising their civic duties by getting involved in what affected them positively.

She said that the energy could be channeled to the polling booths at the right time.

“We members here will not allow any one, group or section to play politics of sentiments or self-gratification on the lives and property of others.

“We will not give anyone that satisfaction; our target is to keep the country united.

“We have one great nation called Nigeria and it is our collective efforts as Nigerians to keep the nation united and do not buy into sentiments.”

Mkparu maintained that the group would resist the “trap of divide and conquer” adding that Nigerians were resilient, wiser and better informed.

She said that the group understood that diplomacy would save lives and property, fortify unity and advance progress.
She urged members of the group to avoid gatherings, be safe and preach peace and unity.

She also urged them to educate and empower others to utilise their civic duties, get involved in their communities, volunteer, and commit to register and vote when needed.

“We at UBNi are the new faces of the nation, as we carry the torch of unity in diversity.”

Mkparu said that the group was united for a better Nigeria although diverse but shared a common bond.

She urged members of the group not to yield to the temptation of casting stones but to remember that as long as there was unity nothing would change their destination.

She said that the group was a movement of the people by the people and for the people and “by God’s grace Nigeria would come out of this stronger and more united.’’

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