Expert cautions internet users, always double check shared links


By Tolu Aiyegbusi

Abuja, Oct. 22, 2019 A Software expert, Nabiu Sule has advised internet users to always double check with the web addresses of links shared in unexpected messages or those from an unknown sender to ensure authenticity.

Sule, founder of CPU Hub spoke in an interview with journalists on Thursday in Abuja.

CPU Hub is an Abuja based hub that is into development of software and teaching software and App development to secondary school students.

He urged internet users should be careful of clicking links in shared messages so that they do not click on links covered by another hyperlink that leads to a scam or malicious page.

He also cautioned users to critically study incoming messages or mail before clicking on the ones with attached links.

According to him, “if something looks too good to be true on the Internet, then it’s most probably a scam.’’

“If a mail or message comes into your device saying you are eligible for N 10, 000 worth of airtime or free computer or phone, please avoid clicking on such scam mails,” he said.

“If you are not sure that a website is genuine and secure, never click on it or fill in your data or personal information.

“If you have erroneously entered your login and password on a fake page, change your passwords immediately.’’ He said.

He advised internet users to always use a secure Wi-Fi connection, especially when visiting sensitive websites.

“When using the internet, do not use public Wi-Fi without a password. If you are using an insecure connection, cybercriminals can redirect you to scam pages without your knowledge.

“Use an antivirus or internet security solution with anti-phishing technologies which will warn you if you are trying to visit a phishing web page.

“Do not follow links in suspicious emails or messages sent via messaging services or social networks. It’s also a good idea to update your internet security solutions.”`,’’ he said.

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