China to promote reading habit among public


Beijing, Oct. 22, 2020 (Xinhua/Naija247news) Chinese authorities have called for efforts to promote reading to substantially increase the number of people who read frequently by 2025.

The Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee has issued a circular on Thursday indicating efforts should be made to promote public interest in reading good books.

It also emphasised on improving the people’s reading ability and create a sound environment for reading across society.

“Proper guidance should be provided to stimulate interest, foster good habits and boost the people’s reading ability to enhance moral integrity as well as scientific and cultural literacy among the public,’’ the document read.

It said that by 2025, a nationwide reading service system covering both urban and rural areas would be in place.

It, however, urged relevant authorities to improve their working system, ability to provide high-quality content for the public and increasing efforts to build relevant infrastructure.

It stressed the importance of efforts to promote reading habits among the country’s young people and within families, as well as efforts to ensure relevant rights and interests for some vulnerable groups.

“Measures also need to be taken to lift the quality and level of digital reading,’’ it said.