Schalke 04 apologise to Borussia Dortmund teenager for fan insults


Berlin, Oct. 18, 2020 (Reuters/Naija247news) Schalke 04 on Sunday apologised to 15-year-old Borussia Dortmund player Youssoufa Moukoko after their fans hurled abuse at the teenager following his hat-trick in the Under-19 Ruhr derby.

“We can only apologise to Moukoko for what fans shouted during the Under-19 game,” Schalke 04 said on Twitter. “Putting emotions of a derby aside, we fully condemn such insults and reject them.”

“We will take the necessary measures together with the Schalke 04 fan department.”

The Cameroon-born Moukoko, considered one of the biggest talents in Germany, scored all the goals in their 3-2 win over Schalke 04 on Sunday.

This went on with a few fans shouting insults at the teenager, who ignored them.

Moukoko is eligible to compete in the Bundesliga after he turns 16 in November

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