Nigeria Stock Exchange Delists Anino International


The entire issued share capital of Anino International Plc (Anino) has been removed from the trading platform of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).

The delisting of Anino was approved by the National Council of The Exchange on Thursday, 30 April 2020 in line with The Exchange’s regulatory delisting process as a result of persistent non-compliance with The Exchange’s post listing rules.

Pursuant to Clause 15 of the General Undertaking, Appendix III of the Rule Book of The Nigerian Stock Exchange, 2015 (Issuers’ Rules), the entire issued share capital of Anino International Plc (Anino) was delisted from the Daily Official List of The Nigerian Stock Exchange (The Exchange) today, Monday, 12 October 2020.

The company’s activities in the energy sector include the development and operation of powerplants, the sale of electricity and thermal power, and the maintenance and consulting for power equipment and operations. In Oil and Gas, Anino is involved in the entire downstream and upstream operations globally, as well as financing and consulting in the sector.

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