UN tracks sharp increase of climate-related disasters since 2000


Geneva, Oct.12, 2020 A UN study on Monday revealed that the number of climate-related disasters was 82-per-cent higher in the past 20 years than in the previous two decades.

The UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) in Geneva said that there were around 6,700 such natural disasters that include floods, storms, droughts and wildfires between 2000 and 2019.

In the 1980-99 periods, there were only around 3,700 climate-related events that caused destruction and human deaths.

This sharp rise in climate-related disasters accounts for much of the overall increase in the number of natural disasters between the two 20-year periods, from 4,200 to 7,300.

UNDRR chief Mami Mizutori said “we are wilfully destructive. That is the only conclusion one can come to when reviewing disaster events over the last 20 years.’’

As flooding has affected 1.65 billion people since the turn of the millennium, more than any other type of event, the UNDDR said that building flood control should be seen as a development priority.

The UN office also reported that catastrophic volcanic activity and earthquakes have increased since 2000.

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