Ancient Nigerian Currency ignites nostalgic feelings of “glorious past” among Bauchi residents


By Ayinde Olaide

Bauchi, Oct.11,2020 The sight of Nigerian currency notes and coins of yesteryears on Sunday in Bauchi, ignited nostalgic feelings of ‘glorious past’ among some residents of Bauchi metropolis.

A Correspondent reports that the old monies were displayed during a religious activity organised by Tijanniya Islamic sect of Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi.

The event, which spanned three days, saw traders from various states of the Federation seizing the opportunity to display their wares for sale.

Speaking to NAN on condition of anonymity, the man who displayed the currency said he had been a businessman for the past many years and had kept those currencies for posterity.

The man, who said he hails from Kano state, and currently deals in traditional medicine, explained that each time he participated in trade fairs or ceremonies involving buying and selling, he displayed the old monies to attract customers.

“I do not sell the currency but use them to attract people, who in turn patronise my wares upon gathering to see old currencies.

Speaking to NAN with emotions, some of the people who formed circle watching the old currency notes and coins, said the sight reminded them of the “good old days when things were near perfect.”

Others said the monies reminded them of politicians of the First Republic who had sacrificed a lot for the development of the country.

One of them, Alhaji Ali Usman, said upon the sight of the old Pounds, Shillings and Pence, he did not know when his eyes filled up with tears.

“I suddenly remembered my youth days in a more organised and stable environment; I touched the currencies, compared same with what obtains today, then tears fell from my eyes,” said Usman, aged 65.

On his part, Nathaniel Johnson, aged 59, said the single three-pence coin, which was the smallest and had distinctive features, reminded him of his primary school days.

“The three-pence coin was what I was being given to buy something during breakfast, and same was fetching me tea, bread, sugar and milk”.

“Honesty, being privileged to see the coin again is so nostalgic, and makes my heart bleed over the present condition,” he said.

Another respondent, Bala Lawal, said he did all he could to buy at least one of each of the old currency, but the owner declined.

“Honestly, immediately I saw the old monies, my heart snapped momentarily, and I could not believe what I was viewing.

“When I recollected myself, my immediate wish was to have each sample, but the owner refused selling; honestly, I felt like rushing the currencies and taking a dash, but feared the crowd would catch up with me,” said Lawal.

NAN reports that youths also surrounded the place, with some elders showing them the currencies and the year they served as legal tender.

Attempts by NAN to have snapshots of the old monies was sharply resisted by the man, saying jokingly that, obliging would tantamount to infringing on his ‘copyright’.

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