Educationist advocates vocational training centres for children


By Toba Ajayi
Ilorin, Oct. 3, 2020 Mr Babatunde Abdulkareem, the Head of Political Science Department, Kwara State Colledge of Education, Oro, has advocated the establishment of more vocational training centres for children in the country.
Abdulkareem made the call in Ilorin on Saturday in an interview with journalists
He said there was need for government at all levels to help the homeless children and those whose parents could not afford to sponsor or train in schools.
“There is need to establish a vocational training centre to help relieve the struggling and poor parents in the country by help moulding the future of their children.
“Children of the destitute, children of the poor are suffering.
“It is time to give them hope by establishing more vocational centres to help reposition their status.
“We have them in both rural and urban areas, whose parents cannot afford school uniforms, writing materials not to talk of school fees.
“It is time to rescue them from the situation by investing in their children to save their future,” he said.
The HOD warned that leaving the children of the less privileged untrained is dangerous and makes the society unsafe.
He, however, called on the government at all levels, private individuals and NGO’s to invest in vocational training centres for children.
“It is everybodys responsibility to rescue these children from this unwaranted situation they found themselves.
“Government alone cannot do it. Let us save our children and give them a better future,” he said.
Abdulkareem also advised parents to train their children instead of leaving them on the streets begging for food.
“Your children should be your first priority and not ‘aso ebi’ (uniforms) for weekend outings and celebrations.
“Invest on your children for a better future and stop starving them,” he said.

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