Fidelity Bank Auchi takes Customer Service 10 steps lower


The Auch Branch of Fidelity Bank in Edo state, close to one of the gates of Auchi Polytechnic has become a spectacle as customer service has been thrown to the dogs.

ATM machines are left empty for hours, leading to a crowd of customers in front of the bank on a daily basis.

Repeated entireties from customers, who are sometimes exposed to the elements (Rain and sunshine) go unheeded by bank staff, who care less often not even behaving as though they are being spoken to by the often distraught customers.

At around 1.30 pm on 2, October 2020, a young man in his mid 30s could be seek shaking the gate and calling the security man to come out to engage him in a fight. “I ve been here for almost two hours the young man shouted angrily and you ve kept me waiting outside while your friends are being sneaked in through this gate.”

Fidelity bank is exposing us to Covid 19 another customer noted, by leaving their ATM unattended we are all forced to go into the banking hall. Look at the people here, they dont have facemasks on. So we are all crowded together out here, voilating social distancing rules.”

Since ATM’s are left unattended most Fidelity bank customers have to resort to withdrawing money through POS operators who charge as high as N300 for every N10,000 withdrawal. “Its terrible, a customer said, who knows if FIdelity Bank is conniving with these POS operators. Its absurd that a bank that has as many as 6 ATM machines cannot dispense money to customers while a small bot with a POS machine is dispensing money.”

One the afternoon of 2, October a man who said he lives in Lagos but in town for a short stay complained about the non functional ATM through the fence to a staff of the bank who was collecting accounts opening documents from a prospective customer who was standing outside. The lady never even batted an eye lid or responded to the request of the neatly dressed man.

“This is the hallmark of service at Fidelity Bank,” the neatly dressed man said. A few minutes later, he left, disappointed.

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