Safety Commission trains 300 artisans to improve hygiene and reduce hazards


By Aisha Cole
Lagos, Sept. 24, 2020 The Director General, Lagos State Safety Commission, Mr Lanre Mojola, has said that the Commission embarked in training 300 artisans to improve hygiene and reduce hazards.

Mojola made the disclosure during a three-day training to improve Covid-19 protocols among the artisans held in Lagos on Thursday.

The Theme of the training was “Health And Safety Sensitisation for Artisans in Lagos State’’.

Naija247news reports that the Commission trained artisans such as Welders, bricklayers, Plumbers, Hair dressers, photographers, carpenters, welders, shoemakers and vulcanizers.

He said that the training was in line with Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s mandate which was to ensure that artisans’ work places were safe and hygienic, inspite of their disciplines, adding that safety kits would be distributed to all the 300 artisans at the training.

“Safety enforcement is a journey we have started and we hope to train 300 artisans across the State in three days, we are training them in phases — after today, another 100 artisans will be trained, while the remaining 100 will be trained on Saturday.

“The people we are training will go back and train other members which will make the training more efficient.

“We will continue to train them and evaluate other areas that they need enlightenment to enable them improve on safety protocols,’’ Mojola said.

According to him, the training is important since the artisans use products, light and heavy equipment that can harm both employees and clients.

Mojola said that the training would look at many potential hazards which could possibly hurt the people working or visiting.

“For example, the use of electrical equipment, chemicals and different liquids could cause people to be hurt,” he said.

In his lecture, the president, Built World African Leadership Foundation, Mr Alani Adegoke, advised artists to apply safety rules before embarking on their activities stressing that it was Safety First for all artisans in their work environment.

Adegoke said artisans needed to be conscious of safety guidelines and procedures which varied from one discipline to another.

He said that if they followed the safety protocols at work that their lives would be protected against hazards.

Another lecturer, an insurance expert, Mr Tope Ilesami, said there was need for Workmen insurance for artisans to continuing taking care of their family while suffering 0hazards effect.

He urged the artisans boss to ensure they get insurance for their workers adding that Law compelled owners to get life insurance for their workers.

Some of the representatives of the beneficiaries artisans during the three-day training expressed satisfaction and promised to extend to other people in their working place.

A shoemaker, Mr Salaudeen Jabar, said it was important to ensure safety in the environment as well as their working place adding that the training had enhanced his knowledge concerning safety at work.

President of the Nigerian Welder Association, Taiwo Fasina, the training had enlightened them on how to protect themselves from danger during work.

A Photographer, Siji Aminat, said she had improved her knowledge on Safety to protect customers and themselves while working.

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