Educationist cautions parents against children’s unguarded internet use


Abuja, Sept. 22, 2020Mrs Gladys Adio, proprietor of Blooming Field Academy, Mararaba, Nasarawa state has urged parents to check unguarded use of internet and other devices by their children to prevent abuse.

Adio, who hold a Master Degree in early childhood education, said this on Monday, during an interview with journalists , in Abuja.
She said it was natural for children to get exposed to mobile internet devices due to the COVID-19 lockdown resulting in schools closure.
“There is so much time that has given children room to be connected almost all-day to internet connected devices.
“Parents have to put this in check, they should monitor how many hours these children spend on these devices so that they do not develop nomophobia., what I mean by nomophobia is simply the condition developed as a result of addiction to internet connected devices which result in physical and psychological problems,” she said.
She added that the situation could lead to kids developing virtual relationship with various apps leading to loss of interest in education, depression, loss of appetite, insomnia among others.
“Parents should ensure that their children engage in other activities such as reading books, playing family games together, outdoor activities like badminton, swimming etc.,’’ she said.
She said too much exposure of children to internet connected devices during COVID-19 lockdown had lots of negative effects and could pose educational risk when schools re-opened.
“Internet addiction could make children or even adults develop, loss of touch with reality,’’ she said.

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