US To Confiscate Nigerian Oil Mogul Kola Aluko’s $25m Mansion, Other Luxury Properties


The duo won major service contracts with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation through their company, Atlantic Energy Oil.

According to the Africa Intelligence, Department of Justice is tirelessly pursuing its hunt for assets acquired on American soil by the two.

The US Government, represented by Joshua Lee Sohn, trial attorney at the DoJ, said it had initiated proceedings at the court, which hears many federal asset-forfeiture cases to seize a villa at 755 Sarbonne Road in western Los Angeles acquired in 2012 by Aluko.

This luxurious property, which includes an infinity pool and 1,400 square metres of land on the city’s heights, is estimated to be worth nearly $25m.

It said said the mansion was acquired through “specified illegal activity” that justifies its confiscation.

Aluko also bought three other mansions in US through shell companies, one in Beverly Hills worth $15m and two in Santa Barbara for $33m, however, these properties are not yet involved in seizure proceedings.

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