America-based musician advises gospel artistes against arrogance


By Edwin Nwachukwu

Lagos, Aug. 10, 2020 Shola Adeniyi, an America-based gospel musician, has advised her Nigerian colleagues to desist from arrogance in order to affect people’s lives positively through their music.

Adeniyi, who had been married for 25 years and a mother of five, gave the advice during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Lagos.

She said that her findings while observing Nigerian gospel musicians and the circular musicians, showed that the gospel artists were arrogant

“Most of the circular artistes appeared cool-headed and humble,’’ Adeniyi told NAN.

According to her, many of the gospel artists are equally carried away and more focused on financial acquisition, without inspiration.

She said that the thirst to affect lives positively, which was the whole essence of gospel music, often time is not achieved.

“A lot of our gospel artists that I have seen are all about money, it is not about inspiration or touching lives and they have beautiful voices.

“We need to keep praying to God to change our perspective about material things.

“I believe if you are a gospel singer, God has given you a voice, not just to sing alone but to bring about change.

“Even those involved in circular music like Davido, are more humble than the gospel artistes.

“I see a lot of gospel artistes, so proud and arrogant, which is not supposed to be.’’

With this attitude, she said, the right message in their music won’t be conveyed so it is like they are just singing to make money.

Adeniyi said this was not as if she was proud but “it is my observation’’.

She, however, said that her latest album, “Mega Anointing”, would be launched in two week time in Lagos.

She said the latest album would be her fourth album and that it would motivate Nigerian youths.

According to her, the album is a Rhythms and Blues (R&B) gospel, put together to get into the hearts of youths.

She added that the debut of the album in Nigeria was also to serve as a channel to attract international audience to the country

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