German state bans full-face veils in classrooms


Stuttgart, July 21, 2020 (dpa/Naija247news) The full-face veil is to be banned in classrooms in Baden-Wuerttemberg, one of Germany’s biggest states, following a decision by the regional government on Tuesday.

Teachers were already banned from attending school while wearing a full veil in the south-western state.

Now the rule also applies to pupils, state premier Winfried Kretschmann of the Greens said in Stuttgart.

He said that even if such cases were not common, regulation was still important for one-off cases.

The banning of face veils such as the niqab, (face cover) worn by some conservative Muslim women, is a regional issue in Germany, and there are varying rules depending on the state.

In February, a court in the northern city of Hamburg ruled in favour of a teenage girl’s right to wear the niqab to school, prompting some states to vow to change their laws.

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