4 Facts you didn’t know about America’s independence


Every fourth of July since 1776 has brought enormous joy to the citizens and dwellers of America as it is tagged the birth of the great country, parades, fireworks, performances and family get-togethers are what the day is notable for. This day wouldn’t have been possible without the unswerving effort of the founding fathers towards freedom from the then British Colonial Government. This article intends to point out four major events that led to the independence of American and how it is being celebrated.

-The Fight for Independence: Freedom they say doesn’t come easy and might necessitate putting up a fight. The yearning by few colonists for total independence from Great Britain during the Revolutionary war (1775-83) was considered drastic at first not until middle of 1776 when other colonies decided to join the fight. The motion for independence was made by Richard Henry Lee.

-The Declaration: The continental congress voted in favour of independence on 2 July 1776 and on 4 July, representatives from the 13 colonies in North America approved the Pronouncement of liberation from Great Britain. John Adams before his death in 1826 supposed the independence should be celebrated every second of July thereby, rejecting invitations to organized independence celebrations.

-Becoming an Official Holiday: In 1870, Massachusetts became the first state in the USA to pronounce 4 July as an endorsed day off. It was formally pronounced a National Holiday in 1941 by the congress, the proclamation was in addition to a paid grant to all Federal workforces.

-Fireworks Display: Though the use of fireworks in the United States date back as far as 200 BC, the 4 July fireworks ritual started in Philadelphia where the Liberty Bell is located in 1777. The first organized independence day celebration was remarkable for Ship’s Cannon 13-gun salute to represent the 13 colonies of North America.


The fourth of July has been a main form of relaxation and entertainment for Americans, with National Flag and National anthem as the major symbol of the day. The current global pandemic will definitely result to several innovative celebration ideas which will most probably be indoors.



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