TigerEx Launches Nigeria’s First Bitcoin Spot Exchange


LAGOS, LAGOS, NIGERIA, July 02 2020 — TigerEx rolls out revolutionary bitcoin spot market, based in Nigerian Naira. Simultaneously TigerEx releases best-in-class products for instant international transfers, investment and bitcoin exchange.

“For the first time ever, Nigerians can now trade in a safe, centralized place in which they know their counterparty has the Naira or Bitcoin to complete the trade and close immediately. There are public open order book for bids and asks denominated in bitcoin, Naira and Dollars allowing Nigerians to deal directly with Nigerians in price discovery and benefit from cheaper transactions and fairer pricing,” said Nicholas Levenstein, founder of TigerEx. “If we can invite other traders to arbitrage difference in the Naira-dollar, Naira-Pounds and Naira-Euro rates, Nigerians will find it as easy to transact using cryptocurrencies as those in well-served markets such as Euro Zone, USA and Japan. There are no reason citizens in Africa’s largest economy should not see the same opportunities.

TigerEx will pay its users to make a market. The “Maker” fee on TigerEx will be negative such that people who come buy or sell based on others’ bids and asks, will pay extra to the market makers with TigerEx taking only half of the fees, or less since referral fees will be paid.

Under the Nicholas Levenstein & Company owned TigerEx brand, are a list of stellar products aimed at driving the Nigeria business community forward. Including:
An income hedge fund that performed 38%, 50% Annually between September 1st, 2019 and March 31st 2020

The brokerage of Bitcoin with payments in Dollars, Euro and Naira

An innovative transfer service, ZapCash!, denominated in dollars, but can be cashed out to Dollars, Euro, Naira or Bitcoin
An escrow service To compete with MyPatricia and Paxful in which customers can offer gift cards like Amazon or other Pre-Paid cards that will have special attention to customer service, immediate payout and fraud prevention.

“As part of our commitment to place customer satisfaction at the heart of our operations, TigerEx will introduce a referral system and customer service with live video interactions and instant resolutions to any difficulties in selling,” said Mike Adesanya, TigerEx Nigerian Community Manager.

“Bloomberg and our Nigerian ad agency Nelson Reids are the models.

You call up, you get somebody who knows what they are doing”.

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