Expert see goat farming as untapped gold mine, say N20,000 as startup capital


Says 20,000 Naira as start-up capital.

Goat farming is an untapped gold mine, which many households can feed on. It offers a number of opportunities to make money, from selling live animal or meat.

The farmer can make money from their milk production, manure, hides and skin etc.

For small farmers and homesteaders, rearing goats can be the best choice as they are good for fiber, milk and meat. Following are few reasons anyone can start farming goats; You can start with as low as N20,000

In most parts of the country, you can get a fairly big goat at N6,000. With N20,000, you can buy a male and two females for a start and the business begins.

Housing You can allow your goats to move freely or short perimeter fence could be constructed to give them protection from adverse weather or predators.

They need space for movement especially during pasturing.

There is need to construct few sheds where they would stay when it rains or when the weather is too hot and for their relaxation.

Feeding Goat can feed on grass, leaves, grains and even your kitchen waste.

If you want the goats to grow and to reproduce rapidly, you need to take the issue of their feeding very serious.

Give them enough to eat always. Adding vitamins, minerals, and salt would also help.

Reproduction Goats reproduce quickly and good species give birth to twins or even triplets if they are well fed.

They mature between six and 12 months, depending on the breed. Some are faster than the others.

Experts believe that there is large market for goats in Nigeria because of the country’s population.

Goat meat is being consumed in almost all parts of the country to the extent that there is a gap between supply and demand.

Goats are reportedly being imported from Chad, Niger and some parts of Cameroon to bridge the demand gap. As a guide, goats sell well during festive periods in Nigeria.

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