Imo PDP and How not to be an opposition party


By Greg Obioha

This sinking and self destruct resolve of IMO PDP through unethical churning out of falsehood and outright fabrications in the name of opposition is denying the state deserved strategic and sensitive place of a credible opposition in the scheme of things which is the beauty of democracy.
It is becoming exceedingly embarrassing for the major opposition party in the the State to have elected willingly to extinguish itself from relevance and political seriousness. Churning out lies against the state Governor can’t achieve the mischievous motive of inciting IMO citizenry against the Governor because every reasonable person knows that those fictitious press releases are infantile and hollow.

Already, the people are conscious of this mischief, having witnessed litany of it over a period of time since the immediate past PDP Governor lost power to the incumbent Governor of the state, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma. This blackmail has become too monotonous and in such swoop has equally lost value, attention and acceptance. It is childish and grossly unethical for an opposition party that owes the electorate the duty of being a credible voice and alternative to have condescended so low to abysmal level of becoming an unreliable, untrustworthy and vector of blackmail and falsehood. IMO PDP has no moral high ground to raise any issue against the present ruling party and it’s government in the state because no sane person does business with a liar or purveyor of falsehood.

What some us are seeing is not the constructive and virile opposition we used to know that provides credible alternative to the teeming electorate. With this unsavory trend of not providing serious, responsible and constructive opposition ,the ruling APC shall continue to harvest outpouring goodwill and sympathy from majority of imolites who have not seen anything wrong with the present administration under Governor Uzodimma to warrant this level of hostility,hate and malicious campaign.It is certain that more people will now be touched to rally round the Governor and in the process IMO state will gradually metamorphose to a one party state. In the next few weeks, there is likelihood of more disappointed PDP Chieftains disassociating themselves from the present charades and will in their droves relocate and realign with the present government. I can say authoritatively that more defections that will shake the fabric of the once robust party in IMO state will soon begin to vibrate and by the time it is concluded, the managers of the party would have seen the level of damage and desertion that have trailed the party because of towing the inglorious voyage of championing a misleading cause of disharmony and negative opposition.

From the falsehood of accusing Governor Uzodimma of renaming Imo State University to Abba Kyari University as” a way of honouring former Chief of Staff for making him the state Governor”, we are treated to more cocktail of lies of the Governor allegedly authorizing Alamanjiri influx into the state as well as his approval for Alamanjiri Schools in the state. Amongst others, the shameless liars have also raised another recent falsehood that the Governor has approved three new Emirate Councils in the State to be under the Emirs.What an expensive and wicked fabrication to stir upheaval and social unrest in the state knowing that religion is opium of the people? Thank God IMO citizens are neither foolish nor gullible to succumb cheaply or sheepishly to such level of deceit.

Many concerned relations overseas have been calling and bombarding some of us with queries and outrage over such negative fabrications and campaigns against the prosperity government and we have not rested on oars in making necessary clarifications to disabuse their constructive minds and thank God we are making the impact as most of them that hitherto had sympathy for the opposition PDP are retracing their steps. This is not how to do politics and register a breakthrough expected in politics which begins and ends with wining elections for the sole purpose of capturing political power.

Greg Obioha, a politician and media consultant from Orsu LGA of IMO state can be reached via 08036410972

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