Domestic Equities Market Falls Marginally by 0.09% on Renewed Bearish Activity


As NIBOR Rises for Most Tenor Buckets amid Sustained Liquidity Strain…

The Local Bourse All Share Index (ASI) dwindled by 0.09% amid renewed profit taking activity despite the Exchange recording 13 losers as against 18 gainers at the close of trading session.

Hence, the year to date loss of the NSE ASI rose to 11.06%.

Investors booked profit on Counters such as DANGCEM, MTNN, WAPCO and OANDO as their respective share prices moderated by 1.71%, 0.45%, 0.93% and 3.21%.

Hence, the NSE Oil/Gas and NSE industrial dipped by 1.98% and 0.60% respectively.

However, NSE Banking, NSE Insurance and NSE Consumer goods closed northwards by 1.03%, 0.35% and 0.03% respectively.

Meanwhile, the volume and value of shares traded rose by 21.18% and 5.14% to 0.22 billion units and 2.44 billion.

Elsewhere, NIBOR rose for most tenor buckets amid sustained liquidity strain; however, NITTY declined for most maturities tracked.

In the OTC bonds market, the values of FGN bonds were flattish for most maturities tracked; however, FGN Eurobond rose for most maturities tracked.

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