Covid-19 reporting: Nigerian Analytics Start-up launch free Analytics App to help journalists with data and insight.

TOPSHOT - A Red Cross volunteer measures the temperature of a man before he can enter Nakasero market in Kampala, on April 1, 2020. - Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on March 30, 2020, ordered an immediate 14-day nationwide lockdown in a bid to halt the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus which has so far infected 33 people in the country. (Photo by SUMY SADURNI / AFP) (Photo by SUMY SADURNI/AFP via Getty Images)

Journalists in Nigeria have a reason to smile, as a major weight of in-availability of day to day data and insights to enable deeper analytical reporting of Covid 19 has been taken off their table, as a new website has been launched for journalists.

Over the last 3 months, 30% of reporting done globally is around Covid19, and the level of analytics and analysis behind the news globally is so deep, Nigeria cannot be left behind in the new analytical reporting of COVID19.Global news houses don’t just look at single day to make a report, they look at data by the day,week by week ,% change in new case,% change in death rate per day, discharge rates, reporting on state level and national level, to adequately communicate progress or failures to the public in this critical times when we are fighting an unseen enemy CORONAVIRUS.

Disseminating the right information to the public at this critical times is important, and wrong, incomplete or inaccurate data cannot be tolerated, using the right information and data while reporting on Covid-19 cannot be overemphasized in this times when a single error of 1% in any of the critical information being passed out could cause undue panic and crises.

Speaking to Sobowale Temiloluwa, the CEO of intelligent interactive on the initiative he said “our journalist are very important in our fight against Covid19, empowering and supporting them with data and insight in order for them to do deeper research, uncover uncommon trends and bring out reports on Covid 19 in Nigeria that will compete with any news media house and news report globally is our goal.As an analytics company, we have decided to build this free tool to help our journalists at this critical time in the area of analytical reporting where most media houses and journalist need support, this will complement the good work they are already doing in reporting on this Pandemic.

Our data is sourced from globally recognized Covid 19 reporting sources, including NCDC and globally recognized health research institutes.”

The website is also open to the public to view data on national level but journalists will be given special passwords to access data and insights on granular state level across the 36 states of Nigeria. Interested journalists can send an email to to receive their access details.

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